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CourtAlert for PACER

The most economical way to track PACER cases.

New dockets or recently changed dockets alerted to you for the cases you are tracking

Download and Share PACER documents Firmwide

NEW FEATURE! New CourtAlert Docket Sheet page for downloading PACER documents
  • Downloaded PDFs are available to everyone in your firm at no additional cost We will charge you only at PACER cost
  • Download multiple documents together as a Binder to take with you Combined PDF or zip
  • Select as many documents as you'd like
  • Mobile friendly Docket Sheet for downloading individual or multiple documents
  • Filter and Sort for quick access
  • CourtAlert downloads the file for you with our PACER credentials.
  • You don't share your PACER password
  • Client/Matter numbers and cost allocation
  • The new CourtAlert Docket Sheet page is accessible from the CourtAlert 501 PACER Alert or from your CourtAlert PACER watchlist.


All Federal District, MDL, Circuit & Bankruptcy Courts.
Service not available for Federal Circuit (DC) cases prior to March 2012.

Frequency Alternatives:

per month
per week
per day
per hour
15 Minute
per 15 Minutes
$3.75 $2.75 $1.75 $0.40 $0.40
Bankruptcy $7.50 $5.50 $3.50 $0.80 $0.80
Second Circuit Pre 2010 $4.00 per lookup

Default Hours: 9:00AM - 7:00PM; 24 hour search available
Default Days: 5 days a week; Weekends and On Select Days available

Higher frequency watch available by request

Firmwide fixed pricing available

Benefits & Features:

  • Track cases with issues or parties of interest to you
  • NEW FEATURE! Users may track cases in any timezone or court local time. (Default: EST)
  • Not listed on the Public ECF Record
  • Email with new dockets, includes link directly to the PDF on PACER or CourtAlert Download
  • NEW FEATURE! Email when a docket is edited by the court, clearly highlighting the edits. details
  • Watch as frequently as you want, control the cost
  • Several attorneys can receive the alert at no additional cost. Up to 4,000 characters of combined email addresses
  • Pay to download only once — anyone in your firm can view dockets and PDF files at no additional charge
  • “My Recent Alert”, “Case Snapshot” and other website inquiries
  • Client/Matter numbers and cost allocation supported
  • Alerts are formatted like a PACER docket, easy to understand
  • Optional Reports:
    • End-of-day report of all activity: summary of all alerts received
    • End-of-month allocation report by client matter number, available in HTML, Excel or CSV. Designed to be importable into Elite, etc.
  • Never get a “no new dockets” email


"I am so happy I switched from CourtLink."

"CourtAlert for PACER has saved my firm hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars"

Getting Started:

To use the service enter the court and index number on your watchlist and select the frequency you wish to search.

Real time index number validation.

First time users will be prompted to access our Terms & Conditions. The system will email you an confirmation email and the watch will start.

Click here to add a case to Watch