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42 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018
CourtAlert Profile Administration and Courts Currently Covered <<details>>
CourtAlert is the leading organization for providing court data to law firms and legal organizations in New York. Most large law firms and large law corporations in New York utilize CourtAlert services.

CourtAlert also offers a national service using the US Federal PACER system and it's Case Management system that can be used by firms with offices nationwide and internationally. Click here to view a summary of our services .

To become more familiar with CourtAlert, new registrants have trial access to the court data (but no electronic watching of cases) for two weeks, click here.

By various computer electronic means CourtAlert obtains court data, which is keyed by court personnel into their computer systems. That data is then provided to users in different ways:

Web site - the CourtAlert web site allows a user to look up case information in a unique and copyrighted layout that most users find more useful than the court's layout and other sites. The data is updated as frequently as possible and includes historical data. For example, New York State Supreme data is updated every two hours during the day and goes back to 1984.

CourtAlert also offers a Tip of the Week, which is a detailed summary as to the latest updated procedures and rules within the New York courts and the federal courts throughout the country. Leaders of the New York legal industry prepare the Tip of the Week. The Tip of Week will also include news from the court such as judges' vacation schedules and individual practices.

Electronic case watching - is an industry virtually invented by CourtAlert in 1999. CourtAlert will email an alert for each legal event from the users watch list such as an adjournment, judicial orders, new filings etc. CourtAlerts are precise and describe accurately the legal event that is recorded by the court. The format and the exact wording of each alert are carefully designed to provide, in a minimal fashion, all the relevant information. The frequency and different type of alerts vary from court to court and are described on the web site. For details click here.

CourtAlert Case Management and ECF Interface (CourtAlert® CM/ECF) - is a state of the art software package utilized by medium and large law firms to create a historical record of each case they have appeared in. Along with creating the history of each case a PDF version of each document from the cases are included along with any deadlines. CourtAlert® CM/ECF can easily integrate incoming email notifications from e filling courts with the firm's internal dockets. For details click here.

Business Development - has been an area in which our clients have requested us to get more involved with. CourtAlerts for business development provides case details (parties, court & counsel) of new actions commenced before they are entered by court personnel into their system. Depending on the particular court we can also provide the PDF image along with the initial alert advising you about the new action. Users can specify party names to watch for or to ask for all complaints for a specific nature of suit. For example, all new breach of contract cases can be searched. CourtAlert also has an automated research function that can suggest names to watch for that are related to a particular client. This service has been helpful for our users to advise their client about a new action before the press issues any release.

Business Development alerts are currently available for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (PDF images of new actions included) and for New York State Supreme (NY County only). For details click here.

Research - An area for legal research including:

CourtAlert for PACER is a nationwide service to alert our clients to any new entries made in PACER from a clients watch list. Optionally, PDF files attached to the dockets can be downloaded. This service is very economical and popular.

For the Tip of the Week, which is a recognized source of detailed regulations, procedures, "how to" etc., for Appellate Division 1st and 2nd Departments judges decisions and for the listing of new complaints in NYS Supreme/NY County/Commercial Division - there is a display of recent alerts and a "Google" type inquiry.

Lastly there are advanced programs to locate cases and view their details. For details click here <<details>>.

At no addional charge we offer "CourtAlert To Go" which is a complete re-write of the web site to work effectively with Blackberry and similar devices.

The cost of CourtAlert services and software depends on the type of service and firm size - for details please contact (212) 227-0391

CourtAlert is located near Times Square in New York City. Users are urged to contact and a team of programmers and industry experts are ready to address any issues.

CourtAlert is also committed to ongoing development and it very frequently announces new features and services, typically such announcements are advised by email and are posted on the web site.

We are committed to remain the best
Izzy Schiller, president

To become more familiar with CourtAlert, new registrants can gain trial access to the court data (but no electronic watching of cases) for two weeks, click here.
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